About us

When you’re passionate about antique lighting and the history behind it, it’s always interesting to find out more about the vintage lighting all around us.

I am Emmanuel, the Founder of Historical Lights, and a restorer and craftsman. My deep interest in antique lights, Art Nouveau lighting and Art Deco lighting was a driving factor in founding the company.

We specialize in antique lighting and vintage lighting fixture restoration. We want to bring back their former glory and share the resulting product with the world, so we sell the lighting fixtures we restore worldwide.

Our lighting fixtures are sourced from everywhere we can, mostly in North America, but you can be sure that our travels take us on amazing adventures.

We love the vintage lighting from the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and we have a lot of admiration for the evident craftsmanship. This is the reason that we put so much work and effort to bring them back to life.

People should be able to admire them once again, and perhaps discover the antique lighting that had been lost with time. The quality of the work from this period is outstanding, and you must remember that before the 1940s, everything was done by hand with pride. The styles, movements, and designs that were created by designers and amazing artists who put their heart and soul into truly make these vintage lighting fixtures shine.

The quality and exuberance are clear to see, created with such perfection and devotion that it is almost unbelievable to the modern eye.

During our work, we meet many passionate people who are enthusiastic about certain eras in our history, and we do what we can to bring these times back to life.

All our restoration work is completed by hand, using quality CSA approved parts and a love and passion for the job. We offer rare, unique, and more common antique and vintage lighting fixtures that are all restored to the best of our abilities.

We aim to provide the best antique lighting fixture restoration so these pieces of art can be appreciated by the generations to come. With a strong belief that an elegant vintage lighting fixture is the signature piece of any room, we know that you’ll find lighting fixtures to be the easiest way to improve the look of any house or room, anywhere in the world.

- Emmanuel, Founder of Historical Lights